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  • Pinar S. Yelkikanat

    Pinar S. Yelkikanat

  • Pedro Ivo

    Pedro Ivo

    CEO & Co-Founder of PhishX. Helping to building the next global generation of cybersecurity companies, platforms, products and services.

  • Fernanda Bentes

    Fernanda Bentes

    Quantum Therapist + Motion Designer

  • Jefferson Crispim

    Jefferson Crispim

    UI/UX Designer 👨🏻‍💻 na Hanzo | Poesia, arte 👨‍🎨 e livros é o que me inspiram 📚 | Siga no Twitter @jeffewrites 😃

  • Bianca Kida

    Bianca Kida

  • Kalil Silva

    Kalil Silva

    I prefer to read.

  • Ticiana Calipe

    Ticiana Calipe

    ⚡️ Creator | Designer | Writer | Entrepreneur.www.ticianacalipe.me

  • Ynara Oliveira

    Ynara Oliveira

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